Checklist for Appearing in Court

To prepare for trial, make sure to do the following: 

□    Confirm your trial date, time, and assigned courtroom.

□    Arrange for any witnesses that you plan to have testify for you to attend the trial as well.

□    Wear appropriate clothing. (See Question 36.)

□    Turn your cell phone completely off. (See Question 37.)

□    Gather, organize, and bring the following items to court during the trial:

□    Copies of all the legal papers that you have filed, sent, or received (for example, pleadings, motions, discovery, and responses by you or from the State);
□    A proposed judgment, stating how you would like the judge to rule;
□    A short summary of the facts of your case;
□    A pen and paper to take notes; and
□    Evidence: Any photographs, reports, or other documents that you plan to show in the case, labeled as “Exhibit A,” “Exhibit B,” “Exhibit C,” and so on. Use a highlighter to highlight important sections of information on copies of the documents. Make four copies of the evidence (one for the judge, the court clerk, the State, and yourself). Make more copies if there are other interested parties named in the case.  Hold onto the original documents for presentation to the judge, if necessary.